Fish & Chips with Fresh Tartar Sauce

Ed Szymanski of Dame and Lord's in NYC teaches us the quintessential British classic: . The fish are fried until light and crisp in a beer and vodka batter … and the secret to perfect– and correct– chips? Fry them thrice.

Take a look at the dish here –

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Fish & Chips with Fresh

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Can we all appreciate the fact that this guy never disappointed us with his content 🤚

  2. I grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin , home of the Friday Fish Fry. I moved away many years ago and have been looking for something that would remind of the fish from home. This looks spot on! The fish 🐟looked cooked to perfection with the crusty exterior & the light , flaky fish. Extra tartar sauce & malt vinegar for me. Maybe some coleslaw & rye bread. Yum, more recipes from this gentleman please.

  3. Please please please bring them back for more. What a great personality AND teacher. I’d have them on my line in a seafood and steak joint any day!

  4. This guy is such a charming and entertaining chef, he’s got to fun guy to have a pint with

  5. Come over to Newfoundland and we have COD all day, love the recipe and want wait to try it. I do the fries but with a little smoked paprika but the cod I do with just salt, pepper and lemon. The tartar sauce, I will adjust to add whole pickles…I used to use just relish with homemade mayo…but if you are doing homemade mayo then why not to the relish as well.
    Thanks for the recipe, I think I will pick up some COD for tomorrow nights supper.

  6. That crust is amazing. I’ve seen other fish and chips crust that looks like a glassy, smooth surface. I know that’s more usual but I love this incredibly craggy, wispy crust

  7. He made me crave fish and chips. I wish I had the tartare sauce he made for my shrimp.

  8. Thank you Ed. Truly an education. Here in North America most places don’t know how to make chips that are not soggy or greasy. #Munchies #Vice #DaneLords

    1. You don’t get out much and must eat at shitty places if this is assessment of ALL North America 😂

    2. @G H Monty Python was spot on when they said about Americans always saying, “Let me tell you something and I just wanna say this” …so yeah I don’t go out as much with all these nameless trolls who think I need to read their opinions. ps: Go to the U.K. and try their fish & chips as it is a completely different (and better) experience.

    3. @Franciscy Yeah I always thought British chips were supposed to be a bit thicker and more “substantial” than US ones? Not crispy in the same way but defo great in their own way.

  9. That looks so good!! The crust is not heavy like a lot of places that have a bready layer between the fish and the crispy outer shell. Plus, the fries looked amazing

  10. NEVER put lemon/citrus on fish or flesh – RUINS everything! Rest looks nice 🙂

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