Everything You Need to Know About Almonds with Danielle Alex | Food Network

Homemade and milk remain in your future! Danielle Alex is sharing everything you need to understand about purchasing and utilizing almonds.
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with Danielle Alex|Food Network

Everything You Need to Know About Almonds with Danielle Alex | Food Network

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  1. At my job as a Chef at Crackr Berral I smell each food item before giving it to a waitres. I sniff as hard as possible so I can smell your food before you eat it. Sometimes my nose touches your food if I get to close. You are eating food that has been sniffed by me hard

    1. Get TOO close.

      To, too and two.

      Might want to Google the difference… -> 🤣🤣

  2. Stop promoting Almonds! FFS, they are using all of Cali’s water and it’s bullshit that we should not support…do you homework. Get Marcona’s…regular almonds kinda suck anyway, like white-bread.

  3. This was helpful. I would like the recpie for the cookies you mentioned. 😋Sincerely Debora Atkins

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