Everyone Is Fed Up With Chef’s Tantrums! | Kitchen Nightmares

They just keep chewing out each other …

Season 3, Episode 3

sees Bazzini restaurant in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Owner Paul Bazzini was an award-winning chef in New York who chose to run his own restaurant but he never realised how hard the change would be. Now, he finds daily jobs frustrating and his passion for is in danger of being snuffed out by the daily grind. Nevertheless, enthusiasm isn't the only issue in this stopping working dining establishment.

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Everybody Is Fed Up With Chef's Tantrums!|Kitchen Headaches

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Everyone Is Fed Up With Chef's Tantrums! |

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  1. Thanks for interesting and valuable video as always 😂😂😂

  2. A harmonious blend of entertainment and education; a perfect equilibrium.😛

  3. Alot of these videos, seem to don’t use there gantry lights, they do help keep hot foods warm, we tend to get cooked dishes out within 30~ 60 seconds of entering the pass at the most, efficiency is part of the the key to success, crazyness!

  4. Gordon just chow down those desserts, you can see him very enjoying those

  5. Bazzini closed down in 2010 a year after this one was filmed (2009). Leslie and Paul were critical of the show. Paul became a chef with his son in June 2010 at ‘Jersey Boys Grill’. Sharyn started runnning a very successful bakery business: ‘The Cake Lady’. Sharyn left the restaurant at her own accord by the way. This is alll explained in the Kitchen Niightmares revisited I believe, you can correct me if I am wrong.

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