Eggs – 5 ways! | Jamie Oliver

Eggs! They're an essential active ingredient in many dishes– but if you believe they can't likewise be the star of the program, reconsider! We have actually dug through our archive to bring you these 5 tasty dishes, so you can get cooking and see just how versatile the modest egg can be.

00:04 Silky Omelette
1:11 Sausage & Egg Bap
5:40 Unique Scrambled Eggs
11:12 Eggy French Toast Crumpets
16:08 Eggs Benedict

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Eggs – 5 ways! | Jamie

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  1. I’m impressed by the variety of techniques you’ve used in this recipe. It really shows off your skills as a chef. 🤌👌🤩

  2. Aldi and Lidl and Asda and even Morrisons seem to almost always have eggs, with some missing here and there at times. Sainsbury’s and Tesco near me 30 mins from London haven’t had eggs for months. Sounds like a greed issue refusing to pay farmers properly, not a supply issue.

    1. Tesco in Harlow went without eggs for about 2 weeks. But that was ages ago, now there are loads.

  3. Wow ! never saw from any cook such delicious egg-dish-creations ! masterful recipes with lots of tips and stunning tricks (egg in plastic an boiling in a pan) Thy ! Jamie O.superb😋👍👏

  4. Your video edits are top of the line. Hours & hours of tedious work condensed into 20 min. Love it!

  5. Glad there was something featured without cheese! Eggs Benedict is my favourite brunch.

  6. Don’t know what your up to with chilli n egg and that crown but your actual egg yolks look amazing.

  7. Wow! Amazing recipes! I don’t like eggs that much, but sometimes i enjoy it too.
    The recipes were all excellent! I don’t have a favorite, but i liked them all! Those egg benedicts though were amazing…. all of them seemed tasty.
    Thank you!

  8. Hello Jamie: do you ever cook with parsley seeds, if so in what. Enjoy the informative, entertaining shows, thank you. Dan and Pat Kerr, Ontario, Canada.

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