Did His ARROGANCE Get Him Eliminated? | Next Level Chef | Gordon Ramsay

Eliminations are tough, but only the very best chefs can impress and his team enough to stay in the game!

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Did His ARROGANCE Get Him Eliminated? | Next Level Chef |

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  1. Mr Ramsey!! Me, you, and a piece if toast! I could still toast bread better than you!!!!!

    1. Mr Ramsey can’t even make a grilled cheese. What makes you think he can make toast?! 😂

  2. I hate this judge and her arrogance. With a passion. She needs to chill with her pride.

    1. She’s basically the female vegeta that always thinks he’s on top yet gets totally humbled.

    2. @@dylanrinker6831 and he was a prince before the saiyan race was exterminated. Anyway, even comparing the arrogance of this real life bumhole to the arrogance of an anime character is pretty wild. 😭

  3. I can’t stand when people ask a question then tell people to not interrupt… like sweetheart you asked a question. So who really being arrogant?

    1. I agree, she’s asking him to be humble while instigating a confrontation. It felt like her little bit of power went to her head in that moment

    2. She wasn’t through asking the question when the contestant interrupted ASAP ! 🤢

  4. The sheer volume of information shared here is mind-boggling. My brain is getting a serious workout!💚

  5. They need to put in a one way mirror between the contestants and the judges. They are all making faces reacting to the dish feedback, it’s too obvious if the judge wanted to see who’s dish it is.

    1. To be fair, we don’t know when they made those faces. Just cause they show them during the feedback doesn’t mean that’s when those faces were recorded

  6. Amazing how humble chef Ramsay is doesn’t matter is he’s 10x better than that arrogant judge who didn’t even let Sergio finish talk when she’s already interrupting him not only her feedback was useless you’re only stepping on this young guy respect to chef Ramsay how gives his feedback and encouraging him at the same time definitely a chef look up to.

  7. I love this show cooker plus judge ❤❤❤ 🔥🌟💯 I’m watching from South Africa 🇿🇦

  8. OK. So Sergio might have been that way in the beginning but he was really excited. I feel him having more enthusiasm and excitement than arrogance. He almost had it

  9. Hope some of these people have culinary experience if not they don’t belong as the next level chef like to watch this show

    1. This is why I cook at home so I can feed my family members what I have left thank God for me to learn from my late mother when I was young when she was still able to teach me how to do it the right way

  10. Yep. He was too arrogant and didn’t listen. Those types don’t last long. Gordon will get rid of you quick, and even make up a convincing excuse to do so.😀

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