Crispy Prawn Parcels | Jamie Oliver Cooks the Mediterranean

crispy prawn parcels, from my new cookbook 5 Components Mediterranean!
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This dish is so delicate, yet full of flavour! All you'll need is flour, water, and salt for the dough– add in some eggs and harissa paste with the prawn filling and you've got an outright bundle of happiness.

Have a look at the full dish here!

This is a sector from Jamie Cooks the Mediterranean (2023 )
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Crispy Prawn Parcels | Cooks the Mediterranean

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  1. Oooh, we got to see the sneak peek clip of Jamie Oliver’s new cooking show!! ❤️

  2. Absolutely amazing Jamie love your work as always you are my favorite chef

  3. Интересный рецепт! Надо попробовать

  4. Jamie is Very Amazing, I Love ❤Him and Wish Him all the Best in His New Cooking Adventures ❤

  5. 🌬Enjoy watching you and your family; and your passion for cooking. Makes a moment of my day😊; even when I’m feeling down.
    Stay Jamie, stay you!

  6. Cooking is indeed an ART & you are a true ARTIST….. My fav. Thank you for the recipe add on khal

  7. I’ll try it for sure thanks for last advice about our lovely country 🔝🇹🇳

  8. Best chef❤❤.You are excelling as usual.I love your receipes and always try to make some of them. You are always welcome in Tunisia❤️❤️❤️🇹🇳

  9. Great recipe Jamie. I will be trying it. I am still known in my family for making the best risotto. Jamie it is your recipe I use… Lol

  10. I love so much your performance. This give the watchers energy and hope, this is so positively! Thank you very much!

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