Creamed Spinach | Jamie Oliver

This is one of my favourite side meals, best for cosy winter evenings. With creamy and a gorgeous crunchy topping, it's so excellent it's bound to get even the most hesitant of greens eaters on board and to make it even better … I make it with frozen , so you can whip it up at any time! Happy !

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Creamed Spinach |

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  1. Looks so delicious 😋 Greetings from England 😄 Have a great day everyone 🌻

  2. Definitely going to make this – on keto, will make it without the oats, just a nice, crisp cheesy topping! THANX JAMIE – you always inspire me, best chef on earth.

    1. agreed! 100% (and eating Keto too) for a different twist on the same basic idea, do a search for “palak paneer” and try the top recipe that pops up 😉 I make it all the time!

    2. OH OH!! you COULD use almond flour instead of oats!! in fact.. that might taste even better than oat!

  3. Looks nice,, surely the onions go in first ot the garlic? They will be over cooked and bitter but rest looks nice thanks

    1. garlic in first! you want to toast the garlic crispy golden before putting the onions in… garlic needs a hotter pan that’s water-free to get it right, and getting the garlic flavor right takes mere seconds! as soon as you start seeing the color change and can smell that delicious signature scent, then you can throw in the onions. the onions will cool the pan slightly and moisten everything up so the garlic doesn’t overcook and burn, but the wonderful toasty garlic flavor gets trapped and infused into everything that comes after! (remember the temperature of the pan is key – if it’s too hot, then you will indeed get a bitter taste… even from onions)

    2. if you have whole seed flavors like cumin or sesami, those go before the garlic. herb or ground spices go after garlic OR sometimes after onion… depending on what flavor you want out of those.

  4. I’d probably add some lemon zest to be fair yet it already looks delicious.

  5. I love spinach but it almost seems odd how into that dish I am. Looks phenomenal and I can’t wait

  6. the brit version of palak paneer? 😉 sure looks like it. guess you can’t go wrong with spinach and cheese 😉

  7. good way to get those healthy greens in and a good beginning to a dish we call “cal-la-loo” in trinidad.
    thanks master chef oliver.
    blessings, guidance and protection.

  8. Love the way he loves to cook.Changing the world by loving people with food.Always just uplifts the holidays with incredible food and the way he loves his family

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