Coriander Mint Pesto | कोरिअँडर मिंट पेस्तो | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

A bright green, tacky (figuratively speaking) herby and nutty dip that works great for toasts, pizzas, pastas.


Active ingredients

1 cups fresh coriander leaves
1/2 cup fresh mint leaves
8-10 garlic cloves
6-8 walnuts
30 grams parmesan cheese, approximately sliced
1/2 tsp black peppercorns
Salt to taste
3/4 cup additional virgin olive oil
Toasted garlic bread slices for serving


1. Transfer coriander leaves in a blender jar. Include mint, garlic, walnuts, parmesan cheese, black peppercorns, salt, additional virgin olive oil and mix to a coarse paste.
2. Serve with toasted garlic bread slices or utilize as needed.

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Coriander Mint Pesto | कोरिअँडर मिंट पेस्तो | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

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