Coffee-Infused Shrimp Étouffée with Farideh & Helen

Farideh and MUNCHIES all-star of are collaborating to make some Brand-new Orleans-inspired dishes: over creamy grits and cà phê trứng, Vietnamese coffee. Farideh and Helen give a master class in making shrimp stock and the Louisiana "holy trinity" and indulge in rich coffee topped with a mix of sugar, yolks, and condensed milk (and maybe a little vodka).

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Produced In Partnership With Folgers. #ad #Folgers

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Coffee-Infused Shrimp Étouffée with Farideh & Helen

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    1. I’m just a young mexican stoner that smokes weed on my YouTube channel, tryna me it out the hood One Day👌 When i look at the top where all the successful people are… there isn’t NO mexicans

    1. Usually yeah, then again I’ve never seen anyone put coffee in their etoufeé either 🤷

  1. this reminds me of when mark zuckerberg did a facebook live sponsored by sweet baby rays bbq sauce™️

  2. Louisiana style and you use folgers instead of Cafe du mond. I thought you were a Nguyen

  3. Peel at the legs and pinch the joint at the tail to deshell efficiently

  4. I hope folgers payed these wonderful women alot. They plugged the shizz out of them

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