Chilli Con Carne | Portable! | Jamie Oliver

Perhaps you're going outdoor camping, or out delighting in a summer celebration, there's nothing rather like spending time outdoors with friends and family around a meal. Take a look at this juicy beef brisket chilli con carne, absolutely packed with flavour, and portable so you can tuck into it hours later on!

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Chilli Con Carne | Portable! |

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to research and pointing this useful piece of info. Enjoy.

  1. Jamie you are my favorite chef of all time because you are not only good cook but a great person ❤

  2. Everything looked good until the guacamole. That looked like a soupy mess…..that is a BIG NOPE on the guacamole. Chili YUM though.

  3. I always likes how he is being authentic to the scenario, good food, fresh food to stand for.
    people throwing opinion on him, after watching a freaking comedian,who runs his career dishing on him.

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