Can Gordon Change This Angry Owner? | Kitchen Nightmares

A real problem undoubtedly!

Season 3, Episode 2

travels to Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, to help save a Hawaiian-themed dining establishment that has an elderly owner tired out. The food is repulsive, the decoration is unsightly, and the female owner remains in total denial and resistant to alter.

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Can Gordon Change This Angry Owner?| area Problems

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Can Gordon Change This Angry Owner? |

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  1. The last time I was this early to a Kitchen Nightmares video Adele was still running a successful diner

  2. The main trouble is that Adele thinks she knows it all and dorsnt trust anyone. What a terrible attitude for life!! What shr was proud of didnt work!! 😅😂

  3. Bill seems like such a care free guy, always thinking with a positive attitude. I love how he laughed when Gordon asked “Where’s the old bag?” 😂

  4. I always find Gordon videos fascinating. Seeing how it can influence and bring about change in people, especially in challenging situations, is really intriguing. This episode promises to be another eye-opening experience. I can’t wait to see how Gordon tackles this angry owner in ‘Kitchen Nightmares’!

  5. Proud of you Gordon. You really performed a miracle Fr. Convincing a Karen like Adele is genuinely hard.

  6. Adele is literally making my blood boil, what an absolute pain in the a

  7. resturaunt looks really interesting i’ve never seen anything like that i like it

  8. when you try to force your living room style preferences into your restaurant

  9. Adelle is in the top 3 of the meanest/most bitter owner of kitchen nightmare imo

  10. Ramsay’s journey to success was not without challenges. His resilience in overcoming setbacks and turning them into opportunities is inspiring. 💝💖❤💕💕

  11. Adele: I need Gordon’s help
    Gordon – here, let me help you
    Adele – naw

  12. Is this show real-life events? Or just entertainment? Because the love for the ‘alligator’ threw me in doubt.

  13. It’s actually a shame with the interior cause people pay bank now for themed locations like these

  14. Oh man i was laughing the whole video the face of gordon ramsay and his expressions kill me everytime😂😂❤

  15. “I hate the color blue” while she’s wearing a blue shirt, well done

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