Brooke Williamson’s Spiralizer Technique | Bobby’s Triple Threat | Food Network

Brooke utilizes her handy to quickly cut these yams prior to deep frying!
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Culinary icon Bobby Flay has actually created the hardest culinary yet! To win, one extremely knowledgeable takes on Bobby's 3 cooking Titans– , Tiffany Derry and Michael Voltaggio. The completes against a various Titan in 3 head-to-head cooking rounds featuring surprise ingredients. If the competitor can beat the Titans' combined rating, they'll win $25,000.

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Brooke's Spiralizer Method|Bobby's Triple Threat|Food Network

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  3. So, I sort of watched this video and I sort of have to say that I sort of enjoyed it.

  4. We have a toaster oven that has a rotisserie basket & spiralized potatoes are delish! Not deep fat fried.

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