Better than a takeaway Burger | Save with Jamie

We've raided the archives and discovered this dish for the king of all hamburgers. It's yummy, more affordable thаn any takeaway and it's extremely to make. What are you waiting on provide this a go!

The series 'Conserve With ' originally aired on Channel 4. If you're UK based stream programs on All 4

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Better than a takeaway | Save with Jamie

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  1. Great video Jamie 😍 would love to see burgers made using soya / quorn mince. One that’s packed with veggies and another Chinese or Asian inspired please 😘 xx

  2. Liking the apple idea. Normally wouldn’t pair it with anything other than pork so this is something I’ll try!

  3. That was the most backwards burger construction I’ve ever seen. Proper winging it 😂😂

    1. LOL, what’s he doing. Why does he keep sliding things under the patty 😂😂😂

  4. Я смотрела видео с его готовкой еще когда была маленькой. Боже, как же я его обожаю🥰

  5. It does my head in that burgers are made out to be gourmet cooking these days. Now you all know how I feel 👍

  6. Super tasty burger 🍔 great preparation and presentation 👌 thanks for the recipe

  7. Whoever’s reading this, i pray that whatever you’re going through gets better and whatever you’re struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

  8. Meeting this guy made all the difference in my life. I wait for you here in Brazil my friend.

  9. This really helps break down the steps for making a great burger, will try it out to make my own burger

  10. This burger looks really good and healthier to try. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s *CERTAINLY* healthier but *NOT* a good looking burger 🍔 . It’s stacked too high . 🤢🤮 : Gross construction . 🚧 👨‍🍳 🐖 ♑️✍️🇦🇺🇸🇯

  11. Oh, now I want such burger right now 😋
    But anyway, neither lamb nor blue cheese aren’t cheap where I live

  12. My biggest problem with making burgers is keep finding new things to put in them. I always end up with the same vegs, and it does get a little borring sometimes.

  13. That’s a beautiful kitchen, would love mine to look like that. Jaime Oliver is the best

  14. Jamie why not use a pot lid to steam the cheese instead of wasting a piece of tinfoil? (Also, delete the apple, add bacon)

  15. I agree with you. I personally would rather cook my own food. Great recipe, thanks for sharing.

  16. I was going to lay into Jamie about the price of the ingredients that he just used, but I calculated it out to be $28.00 for the four burgers (if he made them all– $7.00/each). That IS target range for a takeaway burger (and probably cheaper). Nicely done, Jamie!

    1. How do you get to $28 ? Are you crazy? I reckon it was less than £4 for the 2. I could do it using quality mince, home grown onions, home grown apples plus a homemade ketchup and chuck in a home grown lettuce plus i would make my own rolls. I could just buy a 1lb of beef mince (cheaper than lamb) and do this for under £1 for the 2 burgers.

    2. @KES Hatton – Then it’s for those of us who don’t grow veges or bake bread rolls. I run a business plus the rest so I ain’t in a hurry to do gardening or baking bread rolls anytime soon.

    3. @KES Hatton Sure you can make it cheaper, but I based everything on the ingredients that Jamie used in this video assuming that he had none of it at home. 1LB Ground Lamb=$8.00, Blue Cheese= $5.00, Brioche Buns= $4.00, Onion & Apple= $2.00, Ketchup 2.00, Red Wine Vinegar, $3.00, Spinach $2.00, & Salt $2.00. Aside from the salt, ketchup, & maybe the red wine vinegar most people would have to go to the store to buy the ingredients in this video. You have to calculate the cost of the ingredients versus the cost of a take-out burger to make this a fair comparison. As for what you typed, I agree that one could make a burger for less, but that isn’t what was being shown here. The brioche bread, ground lamb, & blue cheese made this burger expensive in a hurry.

  17. I was surprised that the meat pattie was simply just the mince meat – I’ve always added grated carrot, zucchini, breadcrumbs and an egg to mix it together, never just mince, but I like Jamie’s idea. Never thought of adding apple or spinach. Will certainly try. I might leave off the onion and add a fried egg instead … thanks J O from 🇦🇺

    1. Eliza, I grew up on patties like that. They tasted fine but had the texture of meat loaf and were dry. What I’ve found is you get the most deep and fantastic beefy flavor by doing it Jamie’s way. Really important is NOT to work the beef at all or work salt into it. I’m not a food scientist but I believe working it will cause protein chain linking and the salt dehydrates it. The result is a tough, dry puck. This way you get a(cooked through!) juicy tender and very beefy burger. I also cook it in a little butter and add onion and garlic powder, and prefer pickles, mustard and American cheese. Oh man, I really have to make some soon!

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