Banoffee Cheesecake | #shorts #jamieoliver

Bananas, chocolate, toffee in a cheesecake. Absolute luxury.

Have a look at the complete recipe and video:

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Banoffee Cheesecake | #shorts #jamieoliver

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  1. Your banoffeepie is one of my favourite, with some koffie in the whiped cream and sugaramonds.

  2. Shorts are pointless if you actually have content! Otherwise they are useless clickbait.

    1. If it’s the mild olive oil (not the extra virgin one) there’s no trouble at all. I’ve always used it. It’s a cultural thing 🙂 I’m spanish

  3. There’s no way there’d be any leftovers if I’m making this cake

  4. Looking delicious! Does anybody know if the background music some kind of jazz standard? Just curious… 🙂

  5. Jamie please, I beg my God in heaven that some day grant me being able to be in person for at least a couple of your millions of recipes. We LOVE YOU Jamie Oliver!!!❤

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