“Are You Her BOSS Or Her FRIEND?!” | Kitchen Nightmares | Gordon Ramsay

She has a tough decision to make …

Season 3, Episode 8

travels to Newbury Park in Southern California to Mexican dining establishment Mother Ritas. Owner Laura ran an extremely successful catering service for many years before transferring her abilities to running a restaurant, but she has actually stopped working to understand that the 2 things are extremely different monsters.

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" Are You Her manager Or Her pal?!"|Kitchen Problems|

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"Are You Her BOSS Or Her FRIEND?!" | | Gordon

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  1. I was binging the previous episodes and though I recognize this one, I will eat this right up

  2. What I appreciate about Laura was that she actually listened to Chef Ramsay and never got argumentative with him. Why she stuck by that horrible microwave chef of hers is beyond me.

    1. I’m not judging because my sister is one herself, but I totally think they were lesbians in a relationship with each other. Definitely gave off that vibe and it’s an easy explanation for that level of loyalty for somebody who is essentially tanking your business

    2. It’s simple really. Perla is not an employee for her, it’s her dear friend. For a change the owner (Laura) actually seems to see all that and I agree with you. I just think she doesn’t have the heart to fire Perla. Well, as other comments have said she did indeed not do such thing and the place caved in. I don’t think Laura realized at that moment that she’s actually being a bad friend by treating her as her child and not being honest with her. Oh well.

  3. Laura ended up going back to the same chef who microwaved food. Of course the restaurant quickly folded.

    1. She should have hired an actual head chef. She could have kept her friend , kept her in the kitchen , but under an experienced chef who could have lead them into the future. Thatbwould have prepared then for the future and helped her friend as well. Her friend wasn’t a head chef, she was a catering cook, a head chef would have made them better and helped her friend learn how to to a head chef. It’s not an insult , every chef is akways looking to learn, or should be, so it would be a valuable tool for everyone. Having one more on the payroll may hurt at furst, but it would have increased the value overall and been an investment that would have doubled the value ten fold.

    2. She could of very easily made Pearla a server instead of a chef.But she chose the gun instead and that’s what made her fail the restaraunt.

    3. Sadly its closed few months after this episode was aired in 2010 the restaurant was closed

  4. *a manager that doesnt know whats wrong with the restaurant*GORDON!😂😂😂

  5. Gordon idk how you endured the insane madness that you went through in these episodes through these seasons.Im sure 100% you had to get a drink everytime after the episodes were over.

    1. I think she had tasted some of that lamb’s sauce, that’s why she was acting like that woman was the coming of Jesus!

  6. I was so confused why all the comments are so recent… it was uploaded an hour ago

  7. There once was a place called Mama Rita’s
    Whose microwaved food was Perla’s
    When Chef Ramsay left town,
    The food went back down.
    Because Laura & Perla were amigas.

  8. Atleast all of them are honest… And not in denial like other people…

    But unfortunately, they didn’t make it at the end😢

  9. Chicken with some garlic salt ~ 7th grade cooking. Also, love the random kitchen staff member wondering what Gordon is doing at the 37.27 mark

  10. Perla couldn’t do anything but microwave frozen food. She looked like a deer in the head lights.

    1. @@pinkpastelhearts not try to fool myself to be something I’m not. If you know you can’t do something don’t try to do it. I’m a very good cook but that doesn’t mean I can go work in a restaurant.

  11. Laura always seemed a bit creepy to me. Seriously curious why pearla means so much to her to keep her in a position that killed her buisness and debt. And that petting? It’s a change of jobs not a criminal sentence.

    1. It comes across like fraternization. It often kills in the military and bankrupts companies and small businesses. I’m sure it made the staff uncomfortable and created an inefficient work environment.

  12. “Here’s the thing, honestly….chimichanga, chimi-chuck it in the bin”
    Best line ever

  13. We need another hell’s kitchen video game with the resurgence of Gordon’s online popularity

  14. Putting Perla on Catering is a mistake as well, She can’t cook. That food is going to be terrible there as well. If you want to keep Perla around, she needs to start at the very beginning, Salads & maybe cold grinders, and not frozen meats.

  15. “I underestimated their pallets” no, you gave them food poisoning Laura!

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