How to Make Martha Stewart’s Potato Puree | Martha’s Cooking School | Martha Stewart

If you believe your mashed recipe needs an upgrade, a silky and velvety purée is simply the thing.There are a couple of techniques to attaining this velvety, restaurant-quality dish. Martha's potato , influenced by a meal at Eleven Madison Park, utilizes brown butter, cream, and lots of herbs and spices. It's delicate, aromatic, and difficult to resist.

This is the Martha 's cooking school series, where Martha teaches the house prepare her preferred culinary essentials and strategies.

0:00 – Introduction
0:29 – Prepping the potatoes
1:09 – Cooking the potatoes
1:48 – Making the brown butter
3:41 – Selecting the right strainer
5:06 – Making the purée

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How to Make Martha Stewart's Potato

How to Make Martha Stewart's Potato Puree | Martha's Cooking School | Martha Stewart

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  1. I miss this Martha. What’s she up to these days? Such incredible attention to detail here—patience needed to make these! Sieves are one of my favorite cooking utensils. It’s so satisfying straining things through them!

    1. She just opened her restaurant The Bedford in Las Vegas at The Paris. I’ve been twice, it’s VERY good, and always packed. ….And after her facelift last year, she’s looking incredible in her 80’s.

  2. Happy Holidays! Recall my Irish grandmother’s incredible cooking. Her potatoes, roast, and Yorkshire pudding with delically cooked vegetables, were a favorite.

  3. Que haces con las cáscaras?
    En México las freímos a que estén crujienttes salpimmentamos y hacemos tacos. Una delicia!!!

  4. Only Martha could make mashed potatoes so smooth that they look like whipped cream 😍

  5. _By your hands all the food & any cusine are more than fab_ 😋 🥔 🧡

  6. Cooking School and Martha Bakes were hands down Martha’s best shows. Just Martha doing her thing in a low key way and talking directly to the audience. An educational and relaxing way to spend a half hour.

  7. Hey, Martha,
    If you grew Idaho potatoes in Boston,
    Would you still call them Idaho potatoes? 🤔 🤣
    Happy Holiday’s Everyone in the c🍽king world.

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