How to Make Martha Stewart’s Lemon Confit | Martha’s Cooking School | Martha Stewart

Protected lemons can be used as a spices to offer meals a boost of taste and they're very simple to make. All you require is salt, lemons, and a sterilized preserving container. This lemon confit method will change your lemons into a pungent, delicious, active ingredient as versatile as vinegar, salt, or spice.

0:00 – Intro
0:49 – Sterilizing the Container
1:08 – Prepping the Lemons
1:54 – Beginning the Confit
3:20 – Slicing the Lemons

This is the 's cooking school series, where teaches the home cook her preferred cooking essentials and strategies.

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How to Make Martha 's Lemon Confit

How to Make Martha Stewart's Lemon Confit | Martha's Cooking School | Martha Stewart

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